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EvoDevo Papers is not affiliated to any journal or publisher. Its purpose is to serve the EvoDevo community. If you have suggestions or ideas for improvement to make this bot more useful, please let me know!


EvoDevo Papers was inspired by the pioneering @fly_papers (RIP) and @phy_papers. I created the initial version based on the phypapers documentation using automation services like dlvrit, IFTTT, and Zapier. It was active as a Twitter bot from 2015–2023, until changes in the Twitter API limited its functionalities. The Mastodon bot version exists since December 2022. I ran it using feed2toot until December 2023, when it stopped working. This motivated me to re-build the bot from scratch in January 2024 to improve robustness and flexibility. The current version of EvoDevo Papers is powered by: